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FIATA World Congress-2018 in New Delhi: FFFAI organising Young Logistics Programme to woo gen next

Of late, the logistics industry in India, which is the potential sunrise sector, has been successful to draw attention of the government as well as common mass. Accordingly, young entrepreneurs and start-up companies are apparently becoming inquisitive about this lucrative sector.

However, one of the biggest challenges in today’s logistics industry is the shortage of skilled manpower. The industry is fragmented and looks unattractive in wooing young professionals because of its poor image.

Tej ContractorIn view of the above scenario, the Federation of Freight Forwarders’ Associations in India (FFFAI) will organize a “Young Logistics Program (YLP)” on September 24 on the occasion of the FIATA World Congress 2018 which is being held from September 26-29, at Pullman Hotel, Aerocity, New Delhi. Elaborating more on YLP, Tej Contractor, Executive Committee Member, FFFAI and who is spearheading the programme said, “The objective of YLP is to provide our youth with a global perspective of our Industry at present and where it’s going to. Currently, disruption is the name of the game. At the YLP we will showcase the disruptive technologies that have changed and will change our industry in the “Battle of the Startups” by presenting three leading startups in various fields.

According to Tej, learning is the necessity of life. “We learn something new every day and will continue to do so. After an energetic morning with the disruptions with startups, what better way is that to introduce the newest way of learning the Logistics Business by playing a game,” added Tej.  At the special Young Logistics Programme FFFAI will excel the process of learning the logistics business “With Business on the Move” perception.

Elaborating on the logistics game Tej maintained that this is an innovation in itself moving from the Screen back to the era of the Board Game, where one learns about Transporting Freight, Making Profit, Buying and maintaining Assets and most importantly understands the value chain.

The game will run with 128 individuals divided into 64 teams, who will play a round of 16 followed by a round of 4 and then the Finalists for the Grand Finale. “We request you to please Pre-register for the game which can be participated by maximum 128 participants.” Tej appealed. Online registration is available at FWC-2018 website: www.fiata2018.org.

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